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Author: Cratylus

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Installation features:
* Easy to install, with clear and thorough install docs.
* Installable on Windows with no extra software. Executable is included.
* Easily installable on modern unixes such as Linux, Solaris, OSX, BSD, etc.

Player features:
* Multiple races available, and more are easily added.
* Multiple classes available, and more are easily added.
* Sophisticated body/limb system, with "severing" being optional.
* Skill based combat and spellcasting, with optional PK.
* Skills that can be improved through use and with special trainers.
* Quest based advancement (optional).
* Multiple modes of travel in different terrain: flying/swimming/etc.
* Mounts.
* Vehicles.
* Firearms (optional. There are also swords and such, of course).
* Saved inventory when you quit (optional).
* Banking and multiple currencies.
* NPC's that can respond to speech, queries, and commands.
* Special role based NPC's: vendors, barkeeps, bankers, guildmasters, etc.
* Variable descriptions based on time-of-day/lightlevels/race vision, etc.
* Flexible parsing: "give my second torch to the third human" and "gi to 2 hu 3" work.
* Languages, fishing, stargates, diseases, groups/parties, potions, and more.

Builder/creator features:
* Many examples of objects, areas, and quests.
* Extremely thorough and very detailed docs, faqs, and helpfiles.
* In-game building through OLC-like commands.
* In-game editing through a built-in text editor.
* Web-based editing through the built-in web server (optional).
* A workroom and home area/directory for learning and building.
* Access to intermud for code advice and friendly chat (optional).
* Virtual room server that allows quick, convenient creation of 1,000's of rooms

Admin/owner features:
* Simple in-game configuration with the commands: mudconfig and admintool.
* Optional internet servers: web, ftp, Intermud-3, IMC2, and others.
* Some basic conversion modules available to simplify migrating from Smaug and CWG.
* Memory/resource throttling for folks on limited computers/hosting.
* A helpful forum and intermud community for tips and guidance ( lpmuds.net ).
* Easy online upgrading to the latest version with the command: liveupgrade.
* In game control of access to privileges and data with group assignments.
* Warmbooting to reload the mud without disconnecting players.
* Extremely robust: tested with hundreds of active player bots simultaneously with no lag.

Support: http://lpmuds.net/forum/index.php?board=...