Uploaded: 21 Nov, 2010
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Author: Plamen Arnaudov

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This is v2 of a cross-platform web-based mapper for CircleMUD. Players can access the automapper via a URL in a browser and see what their character sees in the game, up to three rooms away. The advantages of this approach:

1. It offers uniform automap experience to all players, regarding of their MUD client of choice.
2. It looks better than 99% of automappers out there.

The package includes a C snippet which extracts what the player currently sees around them, and a mini-website in AJAX/PHP which renders the data. The basic graphics for rendering a map are provided in the package.

New in v2:

* Support for sectors and keywords controlling tile icons (e. g. you can show a road for any rooms containing "road" regardless of their actual sector type).


* A web-server which has access to the CircleMUD files or a common database accessible by the webserver and the CircleMUD server.
* PHP support on the webserver.


* v2.0 contains an example in the main php file of how to enable zip compression for browsers that support it. That said, the solutuion is still not fully performance-optimized, and may never be, so you'd have to work on that part if you decide to implement it.
* The solution currently posts player location data to a MySQL database, but can easily be tweaked to dump the current player location to a flat file. MySQL is also used to authenticate users so if you don't have that capability you'll need to add your own authentication layer.
* The renderer (minisite) has only been tested with Firefox and Safari Mobile. It is known not to render properly in IE8.