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Author: plamzi

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Lightweight Websocket<->Telnet Proxy
v1.3 - 6/12/2013

Author: plamzi -
License: MIT -

In your project root: npm install websocket

Included wsproxy.conf Upstart script:
+ Set the <<absolute_path>> to the wsproxy.js file
+ Copy wsproxy.conf to /etc/init/ directory
+ 'start wsproxy'

Supports client setting any host and port prior to connect.

if (WebSocket) {
var ws = new WebSocket('ws://mywsproxyserver:6200/');
ws.onopen = function(e) {
ws.send('{ host: "localhost", port: 7000, connect: 1 }');

More notes inside wsproxy.js.

New since v1.0:

* Handles a lot more protocol negotiations.

* Updated to use the latest Worlize/WebSocket module from "npm install websocket".

* Removed any remnants of game-specific code for Bedlam.

* Basic chat system.

* Improved Upstart script that will now log stderr.