17 May, 2006, kiasyn wrote in the 1st comment:
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Not sure if this is the right sort of portal thingy for this, but maybe a forum for posting links to decent coding tutorials/explanations? I know Davion pointed me to an awesome socket tutorial ;)
17 May, 2006, Conner wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Oh, that'd be very cool, Kia.

Course, I think we need to cater to the whole mud community by sort of combining this with The Area Archives (but for more than just Smaug, though I'll admit that's the only codebase I'm interested in) so we appease the builders (obviously the code repository appeases the coders) and a general forums and mud listing/voting site for Admins/Players.. but then, I guess I want the whole enchilada if I can get it and I know that there may be reasons that I can't. *shrug*
17 May, 2006, Guest wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Heh. Lets take things one at a time. First we need to evolve the site past just the forum stage and get things looking more like a real portal site. After having looked at some things and noting the potential even I didn't know QSF had, getting things to fall into place may not take as long as originally thought.

The primary goal first is going to be to get the place skinned to look how we want. The default QSF skin is nice and all, but we don't want to be "just another QSF forum" :)

Once that all falls into place then we can certainly look into expanding into other areas. Though I would say that I doubt a mud listing/voting section isn't going to be on the table. There are already plenty of places to do that and I'm not sure another one would add anything. There are plans to have a place to put articles/howtos when we get to that point. Possibly a properly laid out review system.

As far as "merging" with The Area Archives, I certainly wouldn't mind combining things, but it all depends on how rabidly Dace wants to defend using phpbb2 because switching to that here simply isn't going to happen :)
17 May, 2006, Conner wrote in the 4th comment:
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Sounds like a game plan, Samson. The new skin is looking great so far. Now that Dace is here too, maybe he would like to throw his own two cents into the matter. Personally I have no love of phpbb2 but I also don't hate it. I do think QSF seems to handle everything I've seen you throw at it pretty well.