18 Jun, 2010, 3squire wrote in the 121st comment:
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donky said:
In case anyone is reading this last page and considering going back to the first to read through this train wreck, it is not worth it. You will be confused about exactly what the problem is for several pages, and then you will be further confused as to how much effort can be spent by those involved in talking at people who aren't interested in hearing anyway. Then you will remember how you used to spend your time this way and decide to do some talking at people of your own before forcing yourself to move on.

Goodbye thread and the twenty minutes of my life I spent reading you.

clap…clap..clap, clap clap clap clap clap wolf whistle clap clap clap
18 Jun, 2010, Runter wrote in the 122nd comment:
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I agree. Not worth reading….bump.