02 Sep, 2010, thaolen wrote in the 1st comment:
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hello, I have errors when I script or use code in triggers, once I attach the trigger to the room via the enter command. I get a disconnect and if I log in with another char, into the same room I get kicked once again.

    trigger itself

1) Name : test
2) Trigger type: enter (mob, room)
3) Script Code
if count_mobs("mysty@examples") < 1:
load_mob("mysty@examples", me)
num_tables = count_objs("table@examples", me)
while num_tables < 4:
load_obj("table@examples", me)
num_tables = num_tables + 1

an error isn't included for this trigger due to it being unknown as it says
I got this code from python nakedmud programmers guide on the nakedmud website.

the room has the trigger attached too.