05 Jan, 2013, Scandum wrote in the 1st comment:
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I noticed there's now a TinyFugue update that supports MSDP.


I noticed it uses [ ] for tables and { } for arrays while it's the exact opposite in JSON, which can be pretty confusing.

As far as I know Tinyfugue doesn't support nestable tables, so that's an unfortunate limitation.
05 Jan, 2013, Splork wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Thanks for pointing that out;

The bracket error is easily fixed and I will pass this on. Harik pointed out to myself, that this is phase one of his Beta and hopefully he will be
fully compliant in the near future.

As quite a few of our players use TF and do quite well with what this version supports, I figured we should share it with the community. We provided Entities and Elements using MXP about 8 years ago, which provided a great deal of our players with real time events/triggers/ variables. The clients which did not support MXP were left out, until now( Tintin/Wintin++, TF, etc) . Even without the support of nested tables, TF and others have regained the advantage which they had lost because of previous changes in my game( as MXP never provided this functionality).

Hopefully, these issues will be addressed,