Activity Feed
Aarchon MUD was started in 1996 by a large group of players who
had left another MUD to create their own. Aarchon is based on a
ROM 2.4 Codebase and has been heavily customized since, running
now with ARC 1.0 code as well.

There are currently over 50 races to choose from, 19 of which
are available upon creation. We have 15 classes with another
in development. Most of the areas are original, with a few
stock zones left in tact intentionally so that new players
have some familiar zones available.

Aarchon currently has 7 remorts with a total of 10 planned, and
subclassing to occur thereafter. New skills, spells, and
game mechanics are regularly being developed and introduced
to the game. We welcome players of all experience levels and
have something for everyone whether you like magic, adventure,
warfare, or just a place to hang out and chat.

PKill comes in 3 different flavors (non-pk, pk, and hardcore).
Roleplay is optional, with some clans that are heavy-roleplay.
Mini-quests have been implemented that can be completed solo, and
immortal ran quests that require a group effort are ran on a regular

Stop by, say hello, and join in on the fun.