The Savage Soul: Scorched Earth is a character-skill-based mud set
in a magic-rich, zombie-ridden, post-apocalyptic future. Devastated
by a full-scale nuclear exchange and transformed by a gene-altering
virus, the dark landscape of 2195 Detroit is home to monsters,
magic, and dazzling technology. Player characters in the form of
barbaric mutants, powerful sorcerers, worldly Zisters, 21st Century
Sleepers, androids, robotoids, undead Shamblers, and cannibalistic
Morlocks will struggle for survival against a nightmarish world and
each other.
A subtly gothic theme with evocative descriptions and a skill-based, classless system. Crafted with realism for a strictly in character audience. Friendly OOC community & Free since '96.
Created in 1992, this medieval fantasy LPMUD has a dedicated and friendly playerbase, active development community, careful game balance, and cohesive world theme. Play an Artificer and build a bronze scorpion to defend you in battle… Or tame a wolf pup as a Ranger and raise it into a fiercely loyal companion… Or learn the secrets of the Shapeshifter Enclave and master its many forms. With nine classes, eight guilds, and over 20 years of world-building, there is always something new to explore. Free to play without limitations!